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From the bird's nest farm to the real ready-to-drink bird's nest products
#Thanaporn genuine bird's nest

We are committed to developing the best quality products, fresh, without chemicals, preservatives, suitable for people who truly care for health. Or take care of the elderly and patients to be fresh, strong, cough, expectorant. If you eat every day, every morning, the body will rejuvenate.

1. Bird's nest is good for respiratory health Treat respiratory diseases In children, adults or patients with respiratory diseases

2. Love birds, good for the lungs, Chinese medicine, used as a mixture of Chinese medicine for lung care "Goji Bird's Nest" A) suitable for those with weak lungs Chronic bronchospasm Dry cough, weak body Or have hot symptoms in the afternoon Abnormal while sleeping Or tuberculosis patients in the recovery period and Also strengthen the function of the liver and kidneys

3. The bird's nest is good for immunization. Chinese and medicines made from animals Discovered that the bird's nest contains soluble proteins Water can strengthen cells within the immune system.

4. Bird's nest is good for strengthening and helps to stimulate the desire Food helps nourish the bone marrow Treatment of diarrhea on the nest

5. Bird's nest is good for the body's nourishing properties. The birds are medium-sized Toward the cold when entering the lung meridian The kidney spleen has the power to nourish and drive the heat. Inside causes moisture

6. Bird's nest is good for the prevention of the flu. Thai zoologists have examined Experimental compounds extracted from the bird's nest found that The inhibitor that is caused by the influenza virus influenza has roasted. performance

7. Bird's nest is good for AIDS patients Researchers found that bird's nest helps patients AIDS that has been treated by using radiation to recover faster

8.Noknok Dee has Epidermal Growt Factor that researchers found to have Value for the blood system Thus helping to nourish the skin to be younger Slow down and make longevity

Good products have this benefit, so Chinese people like to eat a lot for thousands of years and increase the amount of orders increasing. This precious resource is in many countries. Is close to most Thai people

"Bird Nest Authentic Tanaporn" is committed to delivering genuine ready-to-drink bird's nest and premium grade bird's nest. Useful genuine To be a part of the real Thai health and look

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